FLAK JACKET formed in 2000 consisting then of three friends C4, Militia, and Tank. All fellow soldiers serving in the rock n roll trenches for at least a decade prior to uniting. C4, (guitars, bass, and vocals) came from the noisey, psycadelic punk band The Drens after their demise. Marky Militia, (vocals) came from fronting some great, high energy, punk vets such as Larry's Fuel and Naked Lettuce to name a few. Tommy Tank, (drums and vocals) came from such joints as Naked Lettuce and internationally touring, SKA sensations, The Smoothes then later on, Team Mascot.


This power punk trio quickly entered the NY scene with quite a blast after the release of their self titled, self produced freshman album recorded in there own studio, The Bunker. This record had them launched to the front lines with headlining spots on the Long Island Music Festival Club Summer Tour. Flak Jacket immediately hit the studio to record new material for their second album A.W.O.L.. In the latter parts of 2002, Tank was re assigned and stationed in Gainsville Florida where he started work with his new project,Team Mascot. Back in NY, C4 and Militia continued to wade through the tracks and produce and release what they had previously recorded with the absent, Tank hence the title A.W.O.L..


Fast forward to 2011 where the trio found themselves united once again playing a show to a live audience in C4's new studio, The Hootch. This time they recruited help from fellow rocker friends Greeny on bass and The Flow, backing C4 on guitar. This event was met with such success, it became an annual event.


At the 2012 Live At The Hootch installment, Flak Jacket found themselves debuting a new configuration consisting of almost two seperate bands as well as recording their first live record, Tanked At The Hootch. Set 1 saw the 2011 line up while set 2 debuted the line up as we know it now, C4 guitars and vocals, Militia on vocals, The Flow now on bass, and Greeny now on the drums taking Tank's spot who again moved out of state to Baltimore. Whatever projects comes next for him, you know it will be great!


Over the last year, this new line up has been hard at work in The Hootch writing and rehersing new material for an upcoming album hopefully out in later 2013, early 2014. In between their writing, they are hard at work getting their chops up as they once again find themselves out there on the scene for some choice supporting slots with The Offseason and the D.C. SKA ledgends, The PiESTASTERS. As if the Summer of 2013 wasn't hot enough already. Over and out